Quack is a technique for detecting content-level censorship. Using a similar remote measurement methodology as Augur and Satellite, quack operates with arbitrary application protocols and keywords rather than a specific protocol technique. The tradeoff made by Quack is that a DPI configuration configured tightly on protocol and directionality may not generalize to detection with Quack, depending on the specific protocol under test. A primary goal in our research is to understand the situations that quack can and cannot characterize, and how significant the interaction with DPI policy is in practice.

  • Remote measurement of arbitary protocols and keywords
  • Scale to acurately characterize entire censor policies


The Quack tool and methodology underlies many of the data sets made available in the data repository on this site.


Quack is developed by Ben Vandersloot, with contributions by Adrian and Will.
We can be contacted at ensafi@umich.edu