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Satellite is a methodology, tool chain, and data-set for understanding global trends in website deployment and accessibility using only a single or small number of standard measurement nodes. Satellite collects information on DNS resolution and resource availability around the Internet by probing the IPv4 address space. To process this data, we utilize clustering procedures and novel analysis metrics to detect worldwide DNS interference.

Satellite Dataset

  • Weekly DNS resolution of Alexa top 10,000 domains.
  • Reverse PTR, Server header, and relevant location data.


Satellite was presented at the 2016 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, and was awarded best student paper. The paper covers the design of the measurement system, and the ability for the bipartite graph of IPs and domains to reveal CDN infrastructure.






A raw data archive of Satellite data is provided on both local michigan servers, and on

Data Set


Satellite data is used and maintained by the Censored Planet team, led by Will Scott.